1470210327177Actress Emily Ratajkowski is honoured to be the face of the new Amore & Sorvete swimwear campaign. The 25-year-old Gone Girl star grew up in San Diego, California and she spent a lot of her youth surfing the waves on the town's sandy shores.

Ratajkowski is very particular about swimsuits and she has been a huge fan of the practical yet chic designs Amore & Sorvete has produced, since the Australian company's inception in 2009, as the swimwear brand's clothing has saved her from bikini beach fails many times in the past.

Hollywood bombshell Ratajkowski is very pragmatic about the outfits she dons to the beach and she thinks when it comes to swimwear, it is very easy to purchase the wrong type of swimsuit for your body type.Actress Emily Ratajkowski

To avoid looking silly on the seashore, Ratajkowski suggests trying on several different types of swimsuits before committing to a bikini or one-piece.

"I think that anything can look bad on anybody and that's why we have fittings," she explains. "I always like my waist to be accentuated and I like a Brazilian cut because sometimes full coverage can be unflattering no matter what size you are."

Meanwhile, Amore & Sorvete brand creator and designer Bridgette Gale had a blast dressing Ratajkowski for the brand's fresh and sexy campaign. The star dons several two-piece bikinis in the sexy snaps, which were taken in a glamorous setting by a pool.Actress Emily Ratajkowski

Gale first became aware of Ratajkowski last year, when the actress appeared in Sports Illustrated's 2015 Swimsuit issue wearing an Amore & Sorvete bikini, and she is delighted to have worked with her on the new marketing editorial because she highly respects Ratajkowski's feminist values.

"Obviously she has an amazing figure," Gale notes. "But I also liked that she's a strong, independent woman because that's the base of my brand."

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