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Many of us know the purpose of a bra but very few know the actual use of a bralette and when they can wear it. For this reason, you should know the difference between a bra and a bralette. So, here it goes. The basic purpose of wearing a bra is to give proper support and shape. Bras are made with different coverage, padding, wires, straps depending on the purpose. Whereas, bralettes are often worn for style and comfort. Most bralettes are wire-free. They are comfortable alternate options for bras.

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250x300 LingerieJournalSummer clothes are the perfect occasion to play with length and texture. We don’t need to cover those shoulders anymore and our breathable satin cami is now shining under the sun. We tend to wear more fitted clothes and lighter fabrics. However, thinner straps and lower necklines introduce a crucial question: what to wear underneath?

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