Tight panties

What makes tight panties so harmful for women`s health?

  • Tight panties disturb the lymphatic system which is responsible for removal of various wastes from your body. Therefore, such type of underwear does not tight pantiesallow all toxic being properly removed from the body.
  • Tight panties can cause vaginal blister. Tight pants coupled with tense jeans especially when worn without underwear can be very dangerous for every woman. If you like lacy panties please make sure that its crotch area is made of cotton.
  • Wearing tight panties during pregnancy is strictly prohibited as excessive pressure caused by tight panties can prevent the fetus from developing properly in the womb.
  • Recent investigations have also proved that wearing tight panties causes irritating effect of the tight material against the skin. When a woman is wearing tight panties during the whole day, the panties material rubs against the urethra, thus, causing irritation. Such irritated areas can as well cause infection.
  • Doctors also do not recommend that you wear tight panties in warm weather. The reason is that sweating united with the close material contact against the skin will guarantelly produce an ideal environment for a vaginal yeast infection.

Gynecologists have always been protesting against the fact that women wear synthetic panties. Though they are cheaper and more practical, but have plenty of harmful qualities.

Underwear shape has a direct impact on the state of women's health. Gynecologists allow wearing a thong for not more than 2 hours a day, but not every day. Thong does not recommend itself very well, because it has a traumatic effect on private parts. In addition, a thin strip of this type of panties is a carrier of intestinal microflora to the vagina.

Doctors recommend that women, who care about their health, wear panty slips. This is the most successful model of lingerie. Seams in this type of panties never touch delicate areas.


When buying lingerie, you should pay attention to the shape and material of panties. Choosing the right size, you should also try to buy only panties made of natural materials. In such underwear you will immediately look sexier. What is the most important factor – your underwear will never harm your health.

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