Choosing the right beachwear

A skirty affair

Not the formal skirt that you wear to work, or that skater skirt you last partied in, pick for a really short shift skirt to wear on the beach. An Aztec or tribal print in bright colours will be ideal.It can be best paired with a backless sports bra or a baggy tie-up crop top and you are all set to rock that beach party.

Go boy- shorty

A beach volleyball match or some running, boy shorts are an ideal beach-wear. Take a cue from the sexy lass. Simply pair your quirky coloured boy shorts with a T-bag or a spaghetti and you could accessorise the look with some beads. Make sure your legs are well-shaped to flaunt one of these.

Zip it up

Zipper beachwear, that covers a little bit of your thighs, is something that you should definitely make choice of. Go for light hues since they look best during summers. Make sure your bikini or swimsuit is of the same colour, so can simply zip it down a bit to show as much cleave you wish to.

Short it out

A really hot pair of denim shorts is a great option to look sexy on the beach. An interesting bra with a nice pattern and colour is all you need to glam up this look. Complete this look with a pair of pop colour flip flops.


Playsuits are the new cool, with some interesting patterns and designs, you can look your casual chic in a playsuit. Either with shoulder tie-ups or backless, make sure that the length doesn't exceed your thighs and that they are comfortable enough for a playful day at the beach. You can wear a windy shrug in case you wish to add to its charm.

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