Shirt is something that can be worn by both men and women. It looks really stylish when shirt tucks into pants, belts fashionable belt, especially for women There are also bodyshirts, like the counterpart to the bodysuit, they are loose-fitting garments that cover the whole torso, with sleeves in short to long lengths and crotch snaps. The difference is that they look like a shirt on the top portion of the garment, and may have a different stretch fabric in the waist to the crotch area to make them fit better.

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It is very similar to body shirt and has the same function.


This is the most common and current form of body. An indispensable product for the cold season. Made of elastic fabric tight, a body can be put under any clothes, and feel not only comfortable, but also warm. It can also be used as a cloak, combined with jeans or trousers. This simple but sophisticated garment is ideal for anyone seeking for a basic and classic style at the same time.

Bodies (lingerie). This product will be a win-win option to seduce a man. Such body presented in the form of lace, transparent inserts and elegant decor.0028-8

Body shapers

This body is designed for those who wants a little space to correct the problematic figure. It is the underwear and is worn under clothing. To create a smooth line for looking trim under that perfect dress and give you added confidence, the ideal place to start is with shapewear underwear. Choose a piece of shapewear according to where you want to cinch, tone, smooth and sculpt your figure to lay the best possible foundations for any outfit.

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