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Choosing swimwear for pregnant women

Women oftentimes ignore the convenience for the sake of the beauty and gorgeous appearance. But during pregnancy comfort comes to the fore, even if the expectant mother before used to wear no less than 8 inches heels and wore tight synthetics mini-dresses.

Swimwear style guide - the most popular swimsuit types under one roof

High summer is just around the corner, so you are probably ready to travel and looking to replenish your wardrobe with a couple of novelties. Today, armed with knowledge of fashion trends, let's learn more about types of beachwear that will suit you perfectly and take a closer at each model in particular.

When swimsuits became the swimsuits we know them today

The liberalization of swimsuits began only at the end of the XIX and XX century: feminists fought for women's personal rights, including the right to engage in the arts and sports. The designer Paul Poiret took off women corset, thus opening space for the development of free casual clothing that does not require much dressing efforts.

Pin-up Rocks: Bikini Beachwear

The beachwear fashion of 30s was all about bathing suits covering most of the body. These models were neither sexy nor feminine (e.g. against the background of pin-ups) and looked quite plain and ordinary.

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