Nike’s Wimbledon dressNike’S controversial “lingerie” Wimbledon dress has been heavily criticised by players for making them uncomfortable during the opening days of the grand slam.

The sports apparel giant was last week forced into what was described as an embarrassing re-call of its Nike Premier Slam dresses so they could be altered in time for Wimbledon’s opening round of matches.

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Leia Lingerie in Spurriergate replaced its usual mannequins with two live models on Saturday afternoon to showcase new lingerie and swimwear collections, and to mark the 10th anniversary of the shop's opening in the street.

Assistant manager Georgina Batten said the models, Siobhan Fordington and Jenna Tucker, attracted a lot of interest as they stood in the window and interacted with customers. "They raised a lot of smiles and there was a really positive reaction to it," she added.

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After revealing they were launching a Kendall + Kylie swimwear line for Topshop about a month ago, the Jenner sisters finally gave us a taste of the official photos of their new collection. They took to their personal Instagrams, as well as the official Kendall + Kylie account to reveal a few designs, which are very reflective of the girls' respective styles.

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